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PhotoRoute provides easy-to-follow photographic journeys in website, print, embeddable and iphone formats.

We are a Visit London Gold Awarded company because we include the needs of people with disabilities and those speaking English as a second language.

Visit Brighton
Inclusive tourism.
Tottenham Hotspur Foundation
Inclusive sport.
Inclusive public services.
Available for apple devices.

What is Photoroute?

PhotoRoute is a new, completely innovative, walker-friendly digital mapping system. The only mapping system of it's kind, it allows visitors and locals to navigate much more easily without worrying about getting lost again.

PhotoRoute is based around inclusion, meaning that the disabled and the elderly are considered.


The PhotoRoute mobile app is available to everyone.


PhotoRoute is a photo-based map application from Enabled City, and will help any visitor, including those who find steps and stairs a challenge (such as wheelchair users and people with limited mobility), make the most of their time in the city of London. Information provided includes walking times and distances, suggested step-free routes and accessibility details of major tourist sites. The maps use sat nav and geo-located images together with photos, arrows and written directions to pin-point a user’s location. PhotoRoute then guides the user through a set of tailored walks to whichever location they wish to visit.

Most routes start and end at main transport links such as underground or overground stations, while some journeys are designed to be circular, enabling the user to dip in and out of the routes.

The only mapping system of its kind, the mobile PhotoRoute is available in two versions; the free PhotoRoute London Lite, which includes a wide range of accessible routes across the South Bank and PhotoRoute London Premium, which provides a wider range of easy-access routes across the capital from Kensington through to Greenwich Park. The premium app is also available offline in order to avoid any data roaming charges for the user.    


Visit London Gold awarded solutionsWeb based and mobile PhotoRoutes provide the opportunity to research a route before you set off or to give you on the go way finding in an easily understandable form. Download the PhotoRoute London mobile app.